Chang's Traditional Kung Fu is a Kung Fu School in Fremont, CA

Welcome to Chang's Traditional Kung Fu, your traditional martial arts school in Fremont, CA. We specialize in teaching southern traditional style Kung Fu classes as well as the fundamentals of martial arts to kids and adults of all ages.

Our martial arts training classes include:

Our kickboxing classes with help build confidence, lose weight, reduce stress, increase energy, better posture, ideal cross-training workout, and self-defense. Choy Lee Fut, a southern long fist Kung Fu style that is widely popular in Hong Kong, US, Brazil, and Europe and growing. Choy Lee Fut was developed with southern's fist, northern's kick and western boxing influence in mind to train fighters faster and efficient.

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Our Special: 3 classes for $20 includes a T-Shirt (while supplies last).

What Makes Us Proud
  • Fun & Motivating Environment
  • Specialization in Southern Style Kung Fu
  • Train Hard, Live Happy!
Locations Served
  • Fremont, CA